Industry Consultations

We lend our credibility to our client’s. We have the resources and experience to help our clients identify and reach out to the people whose decisions can make all the difference for their career. Our strong support of our clients means we are 100% behind onboard and your Top Line is Our Bottom Line, with our cutting edge knowledge, value and experience, we educate, Develop, Build industry relationships and empower our clients leading them to lasting success.

Event Planning

We specializes in making memorable, noteworthy events for our clients on a personal and professional level. We help our clients achieve their goals of creating epic events that will forever be embedded in the heart and souls of both hosts and guests. You only get one chance to make a first impression with your business and we understand how important it is to display our clients event in the best possible manner. From event creative concepts and planning, to production and execution for all kinds of Show Appearances, Launches, Grand Openings, Autograph & Book signings, Listening Parties, Meet N Greets, Holiday Parties, Radio, TV and Film Premieres. Adding a red carpet to your event automatically gives photographers and other media a chance to film guests-including celebrities in a very “Hollywood” environment. A red carpet signifies that your event will house VIP’s and significantly raises an events profile. Guest lists are crucial, and our staff understands that the correct people to invite are ones who will not only solidify a successful affair, but offer a return on investment down the line. We handle the details to ensure that our clients receive maximum results.

Education & Training

Our educational platforms range from webinars, workshops, videos, to seminars, summits and conferences. Our clients can rely on us to help them prepare and deliver great results by educating themselves to the fullest in whatever area they are in within the entertainment industry. We provide and innovative unique programs that specifically focuses on our clients expertise and talents. The education and training provides individuals with the inspiration, organizational framework and technical assistance required to grow with in their field. We create hands on training though our partners within the entertainment industry.


We can handle your Entertainment and celebrity PR, Special Event PR, Social Media Campaigns and Press Release writing and distribution. We Assist our clients with entertainment outlets, securing attendance at events, booking roles and handling breakdown submissions, as well as coordination with established talent agencies to secure representation. At RAW PR we know that a press release is the publicist’s best way of connection with the press and your target audience. It is the most effective means of communication and acts like a classroom backboard by informing, educating and identifying what you are about. Bottom-line, we create doorways for our clients to open and shine.

RAW Media

With our media coverage we make sure your exposure is epic! Our media network of partners come from all backgrounds and can cover any project. Deep-rooted media relationships are at our very core. From product placement to celebrity interviews, and feature stories, our team secures compelling storytelling opportunities for our clients & their brand giving them maximum exposure on and offline creating memorable engagements between influencers and media. RAW Media engages with the press. Part of this ongoing communication involves coordination press conferences, media roundtables and more. We know what makes our clients unique and how to maximize your changes for exposure through our contacts in bothe traditional and new media.

Talent Booking

We work hard to identify what makes our clients unique to their target audience. We place our clients were they want to be! Auditions, Casting Calls, Conference Panelist, Showcase Judges, Speaking engagements, Performances, Film & Television Autograph and book signings and more. We help our clients gain visibility through all our outlets helping to build their careers and fan base and always giving journalists something to write about!
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